GDC 2010: Tips & Techniques
Mar 2010 21

Session after session, I absorbed industry tips and tricks that took years to develop. Here are some of the sessions that left a lasting impression on my craft and procedures.

One-Page Designs

Stone Librande

I could not believe the amount of information Stone was able to put in a one page document. The previous standard for a design document was to create a “design bible” that would be passed out (and usually not read) to the rest of the team. This creates a problem of updating and true collaboration. Stone technique was simple yet dynamic. Create multiple one-page documents that focused on one particular topic (battle system, level design, character class system) and flushed out the weaker concepts.

It was amazing the amount of information that he was able to put on every page with just pure visuals and text elements as a secondary note. A cool concept he talked about was the act of creating the one page document is the act of designing the game.

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