Five Year Seal/Logo
Mar 2010 05

Created a seal/logo that would set the tone for all design elements for the event. View Project

CHDS National Impact
Mar 2010 05

A poster that focuses on the Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s impact on a national level. View Project

CHDS MIlestones Poster
Mar 2010 05

Part of the event package for CHDS five year summit. The design was for a poster that would display the milestones from the past five years. View Project

Event Flyer & Poster: Beats Down Under
Mar 2010 21

I was contracted to create both the small double-sided flyer and the large poster for a concert. At first it was tricky to get the majority of information on both the flyer and poster to have a consistent look and feel. My main focus was on the limited real estate on the flyer compared to the poster layout. At the end I was able to integrate the information on both layouts.
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