Five Year Seal/Logo
Mar 2010 05

Created a seal/logo that would set the tone for all design elements for the event. View Project

CHDS Five Year Anniversary Brochure
Mar 2010 22

A multi-page brochure that was given to attendees of the five year anniversary summit. The brochure captured and portrayed the accomplishments of CHDS. View Project

Vinyl Banner Using a Plotter
Aug 2010 09

I created and identity package that included a large scale vinyl banner design. I worked with the client to create the logo first and then expanded to other materials when needed. This was the first time I dealt with large printing and also the meticulous world of plotter printing. Having to go in and clean up my paths and lines in Illustrator exposed me to the professional printing process and procedures that till this day help me flush out and get my sources ready for print.
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