GDC 2010: Story & Preproduction
Mar 2010 19

The initial Game Design process is the most significant step. Without a solid game design, all the shiny bells and whistles added on top of that piece of crap still stink. Here are some of the sessions I went to that helped me develop my craft even further.

Theme is Not Meaning

Soren Johnson

The separation and distinction between theme and mechanics is crucial in developing the right game. Soren really drove home the concept: mechanics of the game are what gives the game meaning and life. It’s interesting though that our first reaction to categorize a game is by looking at it’s theme and appearance and not the underlying game mechanics. Read Full Post…

GDC 2010: Player Interaction (Single, Multi, Social)
Mar 2010 19

Player interaction has to be the biggest driving force in player enjoyment and development. This can be through interacting with the game itself (Single player), with a handful of other players (Multiplayer), or large social networks. Here are some of the sessions I attended that help me better understand this topic.

The 4 Most Important Emotions for Social Games

Nicole Lazzaro

This session was really productive and shared an abundance of information pertaining to emotions and how they drive Social Games. The four emotions that drive Social Games are Amusement, Amici (Chumminess), Amidar (Admiration), and Amiero (Social Bonding). Read Full Post…

GDC 2010: Tips & Techniques
Mar 2010 21

Session after session, I absorbed industry tips and tricks that took years to develop. Here are some of the sessions that left a lasting impression on my craft and procedures.

One-Page Designs

Stone Librande

I could not believe the amount of information Stone was able to put in a one page document. The previous standard for a design document was to create a “design bible” that would be passed out (and usually not read) to the rest of the team. This creates a problem of updating and true collaboration. Stone technique was simple yet dynamic. Create multiple one-page documents that focused on one particular topic Read Full Post…