Gnomon Master Classes Promo
Mar 2010 21

My second project using the FLARToolkit for Augmented Reality. I Create an interactive promotional website for Gnomon Master Classes.

I wanted to create and engaging and unique promotional piece for the Master Classes that incorporated several of Gnomon’s promotional assets. I was able to use the banner, promotional video, and stills of the classes. Try it yourself!!

CHDS Augmented Reality
Mar 2010 21

An experiment with Augmented Reality that forced me to sit down and learn this awesome Framework. An experiment that I am working on that incorporates augmented reality with the CHDS Viewpoints. Read Full Post…

CHDS Dynamic Media Player
Mar 2010 29

A media player that integrates into a pre-existing PHP framework. The media player grabs the embed metadata (duration, width, height) and resizes the media player according to actual video size and aspect ratio. The Web Developers do not have to go into flash to add a new video to the site. They use a combination of php and flashvars. View Proj´╗┐ect

Shapes not Patterns
Mar 2010 29

An online interface set in a classic theater setting. The interface is built in Flash and populated from XML data. The interface is able to play both swf and flv formats fluidly and effortlessly. View Project

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