CHDS Augmented Reality
Mar 2010 21

An experiment with Augmented Reality that forced me to sit down and learn this awesome Framework. An experiment that I am working on that incorporates augmented reality with the CHDS Viewpoints. Read Full Post…

Gnomon Master Classes Promo
Mar 2010 21

My second project using the FLARToolkit for Augmented Reality. I Create an interactive promotional website for Gnomon Master Classes.

I wanted to create and engaging and unique promotional piece for the Master Classes that incorporated several of Gnomon’s promotional assets. I was able to use the banner, promotional video, and stills of the classes. Try it yourself!!

Guest Lecture Series Closing Sequence
Mar 2010 21

A motion graphics piece that finishes the user experience on a DVD. The piece portrays the concepts and topics that the lecturer elaborated on.

Coast Guard Sequence
Mar 2010 21

The motion graphics piece was used in a podcast video interview on the Coast Guard in the Northwest region. The piece has a feeling similar to water moving in the sea.

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