FlashBacks: CHDS Viewpoints Opening. Three Years Later….
Mar 2012 05

A place where projects and pieces get a second chance. Let’s face it, you can NEVER actually complete a project. There is always something you wanted to incorporate into it, but due to time constraints and deadlines you had to make a professional choice of what made the cut.

This is where FlashBacks come into play! Read Full Post…

Hedwig Tear Me Down Sequence
May 2009 30

The video sequence was the backdrop for a musical theater piece entitled Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I created all the video elements for the performance and worked closely with the producer, director, and stage manager to get the timing and look to be cohesive with the other elements of the piece (ie.. lighting, performers ). I grabbed archival footage and images from the time of the Berlin Wall and edited the pieces together to give a sense of tension and frustation, but also a sense of hope.

Taps Spring 2003 DVD Intro
May 2009 30

TAPS is a semi-annual event that showcases the best work from students at the Teledramatic Arts and Technology department. I was task to author the DVD and also create an intro for the festival. This was the first project in which I had to grab clips from other projects and create a cohesive look and feel. This project was my first exposure to creating a “Demo Reel”, but for an entire department and not an individual.

Funktate Short
Mar 2010 22

Funktate is my final project/thesis for my undergraduate work. I created every design and creative element from pre-production, production, and post-production. This short showcases my editing and motion graphics contribution to the project. I directed the green screen shoots, came up with the lighting and set creation, and created the motion graphic pieces that interacted with the performers on stage. Read Full Post…

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