Lava Lounge Promotional Flyer
Mar 2010 28

I was contracted by a local night club to create promotional flyers for various events throughout the week. This is one of the pieces that I did for the downstairs area. The Lava Lounge primarily showcases rock bands so I tried to go for an indie rock feel.
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Back To The Eighties Flyer
Mar 2010 28

I created a flyer for an Eighties themed event. I wanted to incorporate and play with some of the design concepts of the time. I wanted to use odd shapes and simple lines to direct the viewer around the information design of the flyer. I also did live visuals for the event in which I used old commercials, trailers, and snippets of both tv shows and movies. I controlled the cuts, looping and masking live and synced it up to the music from the DJ.
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FlashBacks: CHDS Viewpoints Opening. Three Years Later….
Mar 2012 05

A place where projects and pieces get a second chance. Let’s face it, you can NEVER actually complete a project. There is always something you wanted to incorporate into it, but due to time constraints and deadlines you had to make a professional choice of what made the cut.

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Editor Reel 2010
Jun 2010 01

My Editor Reel 2010. A collection of shorts, live performances, and visual elements that I edited. The way I Cut & Paste…. Pacing and Continuity, CHECK!!

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