Christening Poster
Aug 2010 09

A playful and colorful poster I designed for my second son’s christening. This piece was exciting to create and I took the opportunity to experiment and incorporate 3D Multi-Pass Compositing into my print work. I am familiar with 3D Multi-Pass Compositing in my Motion Graphics work, but wanted to see if I could integrate my 3D skills in large scale printing. It was a success and I learned many valuable lessons for future print work.
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FlashBacks: CHDS Viewpoints Opening. Three Years Later….
Mar 2012 05

A place where projects and pieces get a second chance. Let’s face it, you can NEVER actually complete a project. There is always something you wanted to incorporate into it, but due to time constraints and deadlines you had to make a professional choice of what made the cut.

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Anniversary 2010 Motion Design Piece
Apr 2010 01

I created a Motion Design piece for my six year anniversary. I took this opportunity to really explore the Multi-Pass Compositing work-flow between Cinema 4D and After Effects. Read Full Post…

Gnomon Poly Modeling I Final Project: Ford Mustang
Mar 2010 28