Graphika Manila 2011
Sep 2011 20
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Before attending Graphika Manila 2011, I did not know what to expect. I’ve been to several big conferences (Game Developers Conference, Flashforward) and I did not know if Graphika Manila could match the quality and breathe of them. Graphika Manila was that and much more. It rocked my socks and inspired me to push my creativity to new heights. The speaker lineup was amazing with awesome local and international talent. I will breakdown each speaker and provide takeaways from their presentation, but I wanted to talk a little bit about an overall theme that seemed to resonate with each presenter. DESIGN Read Full Post…

Apr 2011 04

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Flash Platform on multiple devices and operating systems: AIR 2 SDK demo
Apr 2010 05

Here is a neat demo from a developer on the Adobe AIR Team that shows the same application (same codebase) on multiple screens and operating systems using AIR 2 beta SDK. The app ran smoothly on the different platforms and was able to resize itself dynamically depending on screen size and aspect ratio.

Peter is going to make his app open source and write up a tutorial on how he achieved this app. I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on the project and traverse through his source code!! Looks like he used Flash Builder 4 with the AIR 2 beta SDK. What I’m really pumped about is the fact you can have your class delegate (main class) and then create wrapper specific code for each platform (minor tweaks and platform specific features). We just need to build our apps to be dynamic and optimized, but essentially it can be experienced on multiple devices!!

GDC 2010: Player Interaction (Single, Multi, Social)
Mar 2010 19

Player interaction has to be the biggest driving force in player enjoyment and development. This can be through interacting with the game itself (Single player), with a handful of other players (Multiplayer), or large social networks. Here are some of the sessions I attended that help me better understand this topic.

The 4 Most Important Emotions for Social Games

Nicole Lazzaro

This session was really productive and shared an abundance of information pertaining to emotions and how they drive Social Games. The four emotions that drive Social Games are Amusement, Amici (Chumminess), Amidar (Admiration), and Amiero (Social Bonding). Read Full Post…

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